RPG Maker 2000 OST Remastered


Do you miss the golden age of RPG Maker 2000?

Would you like to create a game with the feeling of RM2K, with total appeal to nostalgia?

I bring you the FULL Original Soundtrack from RPG Maker 2000, with modern and totally original arrangements, played with real instruments.

There are a total of 88 BGMs and 18 MEs in this package.

Create your game with songs from the past, but in a modern way.

It is worth noting: the nostalgic MEs (Musical Effects) from RPG Maker 2000 have also been fully remastered and they are also included in the package.

The songs are available in 2 formats: OGG and M4A.
That way, you have complete freedom to use them in a computer or mobile game.

They have been edited to LOOP properly, just copy them to your game's audio folder and use them freely!

The credits are in a txt file inside the package.