Hi, I'm CoopNinjask or just Coop, for short; a simple guy. 
I love creating video games and dream of being able to live doing it someday.

I have been working with RPG Maker since I was a child, so I ended up becoming skilled with it. My specialty is creating event-based systems.

I am impressed with the MV3D plugin, created by Dread_Nyanak and the possibility of creating fully 3D games that this plugin provides, so I decided to develop systems on top of that to make the experience even richer, ensuring full compatibility.

My goal is to make creative and innovative systems and put them together in a package, making a game core that helps people create quality 3D games with RPG Maker and get the most out of this platform. In addition, I also intend to make complete games from there.

My biggest work is the Environment System, which creates a lively atmosphere for the 3d game and gives the feeling of being involved in a living nature.

Another work done by me is the 3D Battleback Generator, designed to bring the feeling of 3D to the Maker's standard battles.

Check my Products page, Itch.io and Youtube channel to learn more about it. 

If you like my work, please consider support me.

This encourages my work and makes me want to continue.

Thanks for the visit.
A big hug!