3D Battlebacks Generator


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Are you tired of the same old battlebacks?
Would you like to change the style of your battlebacks and give battles a totally different look?
I came to present you the 3D Battlebacks Generator!

It is a pseudo 3D battleback generator entirely made by me.
The generator is a GIMP project that includes all battlebacks (both battlebacks1 and battlebacks2) from
RTP edited for a 3d look style. In addition, this also includes some original graphics to make battlebacks
totally different from the classic RTP.

I created it to use with my (MV3D) Environment System, but you can use them in your own project,
regardless of using my system.

How to Use
  • Battlebacks must be placed in the Battlebacks2 folder and parallaxes that are scrolling behind must be placed in the Battlebacks1 folder.

  • To make the parallaxes scroll, I used the Moghunter's Battleback Ex plugin: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-battleback-ex/

  • Battlebacks must be set normally in the map properties as Battleback2; Battleback1 must be set to none.

  • Parallaxes that are scrolling behind must be set using the Moghunter's plugin. Take a look at the plugin's help files to better understand how to do this.

  • Parallaxes must be set to Battleback1, as the Lower layer.

  • It is possible to use 3D battlebacks without using Moghunter's or any battleback plugin, but that way the parallaxes will always be fixed and will not scroll.

  • The resolution of the generated and premade images is 1280 x 720p. If you use a different resolution in your game, resize them before importing into your project.

  • To use the generator, open the file in GIMP.

  • There are 3 different parts: Upper, Floor and Underground separated by layers.

  • Change the visibility of the layers according to the desired parts to form the intended battleback.

  • It is possible to change the color of lines and battlebacks. Explore the different colors to achieve different results.

  • Upper and Floor parts have both Images and Textures options.

  • Underground parts have only the Textures option.

Terms of Use
  • Commercial & non-commercial use.

  • Do not repost, link to this site instead.

  • Credits to CoopNinjask.

  • To use the RTP ones, give credits to Kadokawa and Degica besides me & you need to own RMMV to be allowed to use them legally.

  • Total: 2.650 files

  • Battleback1 (Parallaxes): 113 files

  • Battleback2 (Total: 2.537 files)

  • RTP: 2.352 files (Includes all possible RTP combinations, except for Sky, Clouds and DarkSpace as Upper Parts)

  • Original: 88 files

  • RTP + Original (Mixed): 49 files

  • Best Matches: 48 files

  • Includes 3D Battlebacks Generator (GIMP Project)